Turbo cars: the actual transformation
Flocking with their hands at home


This option, punching holes angle, which he set was unusual, there is no special tuning kits. Off the edge of each piece velor, they.

As his hands to clean the carburetor
Tuning the WHA in 2113 with his own hands
As his hands to clean the carburetor
Test drive the Peugeot 3008
Tuning the hands VAZ 2114
Replace front brake pads on the WHA
Power bumper with his own hands
Soundproofing doors with their hands
Toyota Prius Hybrid
Renault Duster 4WD 1.6 liter 6MKPP, 2011 onwards
Tuning the engine VAZ own hands

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27.04.2012   Radiator Repair conditioner with his own hands
Repair of radiator air conditioning, as, in general, and any other devices, starting with the diagnosis. To do this, you want to check the belt tension and wear of the air conditioner, sealing element and the connection is robust enough mounting tube and pipe up of car, the normal on and off the ...
25.04.2012   Repairing a windshield on a car VAZ own hands
Repairing a windshield on a car VAZ own hands Surely every car owner faced with the problem of replacing the windshield. For example, the glass has got a rock and a crack, or you want to paint the car. Of course, you can contact the service and will do everything without any problems, but you can replace the glass yourself. Although without a ...
11.04.2012   We produce bumper reinforcing UAZ
At present, arranged production of a large number of vehicles, many of which have good cross-country and endurance. But most people as before are choosing domestic UAZ off-road vehicles. He was valued for simplicity, agility on the road, as well as its ability to drive everywhere. This brand ...
30.04.2012   Sizing panel VAZ 2109 with his own hands
Panel VAZ 2109 with his own hands you will Cleaning injectors on their own VAZ need: several flat and cross screwdrivers, 10th key, Guerlain 150 cm 3 foam sheet, scissors, a pint of water, towels and rags. Sizing panel VAZ 2109 with his own hands will take you about 12-13 hours. first step is ...
04.04.2012   Tuning the WHA in 2105 with his own hands
Run car tuning, improving, so that its external and internal appearance, is quite simple. At present, this operation are not only foreign cars, but cars of domestic manufacture. Typically, the tuning is performed in a specialized service center, but some motorists perform this operation on their ...
13.04.2012   Soundproofing a car
As you know, the car is a source of noise. The long trip to vehicles with low noise protection is not only tedious but also poses a threat to the health of the occupants. So have the disadvantage of domestic production of cars and cheap foreign cars. Their quality and cost savings depend on ...
24.05.2012   Tuning GAS 31,029 with his own hands
Tuning the gas begins to rework the front bumper. On the market today there are many ready-made solutions, but the product will be unique, if you make it with their rukami. Tuning Gas 31,029 with his hands begins with removal of the native bumper, then you need to consider the installation ...
12.06.2012   Tuning Niwa with his own hands
If you really decided to start tuning Niva own hands, on their own and, of course, the mind, then you are a person who needs or just a great desire to differ from the mass of drivers. Tuning the same can not be, unless of course it is not your decision, but if you want to do the same tuning of ...
06.06.2012   VAZ 2107 Tuning Salon with his own hands
It's no secret that the classical models of Lada no longer correspond to modern notions of automotive fashion. Perhaps that is why the owners want to make your classic car does not like at all with tuning. But giving preference to an external tuning, they sometimes forget about tuning salon. ...
02.05.2012   Power bumper with his own hands
Power is a multifunctional device bumper, allowing it to install the winch, extra lights, and pulling to make towing a car on rough terrain, so he is protected by the vehicle engine. You must understand that the installation of the power of bumper - it is not a means to make the beauty of a car. ...

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